Speech and Language Therapy

Limerick Speech and language therapy provides an expert and quality service to improve the client's quality of life. Frustration can frequently be experienced by people with communication impairments and we aim to minimise this as quickly possible by implementing appropriate therapy techniques and programs.
  • Assessment and Intervention for a wide range of communication impairments to include:
  • AAC, Augmentative and Alternative Communication for children who are non-verbal and children with additional needs, eg. PECS, LÁMH
  • Language delay/disorder
  • Speech/articulation/phonological delay/disorder
  • Stammering
  • Social skills
  • Speech and Language reports
  • School visits and school/home programmes
  • Parent/caregiver/teacher training sessions
  • Onward referral to specialists/organisations as required

  • Assessment and Intervention for Communication disorders
  • Full assessment and management of swallowing and feeding disorders
  • Home or nursing home visits and recommendations to care staff

Psychological Assessments: 

  • Social Communication/Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment. 

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