Speech and Language Therapy Fees


Your first appointment will involve an initial assessment to assess your/your child’s speech and language therapy abilities and needs in detail. From our analysis of this, an appropriate therapy plan is developed and this is updated on an ongoing basis.

Assessment fees range from €180 to €230 depending on the age and needs of the person.

For some children, an informal play-based assessment is appropriate, where we do an in-depth examination of speech, language and communication skills. With this type of assessment, we gather speech and language data, analyse it, and create an individual therapy programme for the child.

Other children require a more structured, or standardised, assessment with a formal scoring system. This kind of assessment allows us to assess the child’s speech and language abilities on an individual basis, and also in comparison to their peers.

Your Speech and Language Therapist will be able to tell you what type of assessment is appropriate for you/your child.

All our assessments include verbal feedback and written recommendations for school if required.

Full written assessment report: €60

If you would like a full written report, this is charged at an additional €60. While you can request a written report at any point in your speech therapy journey, we strongly recommend that you do so at the time of assessment or as soon as possible afterwards, so that the information is as current as possible. A full written report is essential in some cases and optional in others.


Therapy sessions:

We offer a variety of therapy sessions (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour and online tele-therapy). The best session type for your child will depend on the assessment findings and your own personal circumstances, so please talk to your clinician about the best therapy options for you or your child.

30 minutes: €60

45 minutes: €70

1 hour: €80

Home or school programmes

We can provide tailor-made packages for school or home use, to follow a therapy programme in the absence of direct speech therapy visits. 



Did you know that most health insurance policies now cover some Speech and Language Therapy? Please check with your insurance provider about your particular policy. Limerick Speech and Language Therapy is fully compliant with health insurance company requirements.